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Post  Distress on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:27 pm

Darker Back Story:

The Sacred Trials:

The Sacred Trials is actually a chance to get out of the neverending Purgatory you are stuck in. Completeing the trials you go to Sacred Gardens or "Heavens Gates" however, the "Monsters" you have killed were actually Angelic Guardians. Having killed them you have doomed yourself to more Purgatory. Being denied access to Heaven.

Dying In The Trials:

To die in the trials you will find yourself re-awaking in Hell. However; Being a creature of Purgatory you can quickly escape back to the Purgatory lands, otherwise known as Madrigal.

Unanswered questions:

Q: Why are the Clown Gods in the Trials?
A: They are the ones testing you.

Q: Who were we in life if we are now in Purgatory?
A: Perhaps the broken souls of the origional Heros of Madrigal. Thus being the reason you can never gain true access to Heaven.

Q: What do the trials symbolize?
A: A never ending battle to be good, when really it is greed driving us. Greed to obtain Sacred Weapons by killing the Guardians who are trying to help you ascend.

Q: If I can get to Hell, is it possible to get to Heaven?
A: Anything is possible if you try.

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